MIRKO CRO COP is a joker …

September 3, 2007

NO, really!  This is a dated clip of CRO COP, with the help of BAS RUTTEN, playing a practical joke on MMA celebrity broadcast announcer MAURO RANALLO.  With RUTTEN playing the role of ASHTON KUTCHER from MTV’s “Punk’d”, RANALLO thought he was going to get hit with a patented CRO COP left leg kick to the head.  Luckily for RANALLO, he was only hit with a practical joke by two of the most humble guys in mixed martial arts.  Rumor has it that after finding out it was all just a practical a joke and that his life was not in any danger, RANALLO immediately visited the bathroom to dispose of his soiled underwear.

MIRKO the joker:



One Response to “MIRKO CRO COP is a joker …”

  1. cusdamato said

    pretty funny, but i want to know who the two martians sitting at the table are???

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