September 8, 2007.  London, England.  Following the much anticipated fight at UFC 75 between “The Ultimate Fighter” winner MICHAEL BISPING and MATT HAMILL, controversy has reared its head.  Bad blood existed long before Saturday night’s fight as many fans believe that if not for an injury, MATT HAMILL would have had a great chance to defeat BISPING at “The Ultimate Fighter” finale.  Ever since, HAMILL has called out BISPING for a match and finally got it at UFC 75.  HAMILL dominated the 1st rd and cut BISPING under each eye.  The 2nd round could have also been HAMILL’s but his fitness level started to break down.  BISPING was able to box his way throughout the 2nd and 3rd rounds and was able to pull out the win in his homeland of England.  BISPING’s end of fight comments were less than cordial, as a humble HAMILL maintained that he lost to BISPING “fair and square”.  One of the three judges had the fight 3 rounds to 0 in favor of HAMILL as fight fans are up in arms over the decision.  The best part of controversy within the mixed martial arts world is that is can always be resolved – inside the octagon.  It’s no longer a  matter of whether there’s a rematch … but a matter of when.


On Wednesday, September 19, 2007, at UFC Fight Night 11, the UFC will showcase some of the best fighters that have come out of it’s “The Ultimate Fighter” (TUF) SPIKE televised show.  The show that brought the UFC back into the mainstream and out of the doldrums will profile rising stars and TUF celebs such as KENNY FLORIAN, CHRIS LEBEN, last season’s winner NATE DIAZ, GRAY MAYNARD, LUKE CUMMO, COLE MILLER, NATE QUARRY and PETE SELL.  This event leads to the premier of TUF’s season 6, which highlights welterweight managers,  (former champ) MATT HUGHES and (new champ) MATT SERRA.  The event will mix in talents such as DIN THOMAS, THIAGO ALVES  and TERRY MARTIN.  Fight Night is not only a nice warm up to the season premier of TUF but a solid lead into to UFC 76:  KNOCKOUT on Saturday night.