September 22, 2007 – Honda Center, California

— CHUCK LIDDELL (20-4) vs KEITH JARDINE (12-4-1)

PREDICTION:  LIDDELL.  This fight will NOT go to the ground and there will be a knockout.  LIDDELL is heavily favored and he’s also our pick but we don’t think it will be a cake walk.  Despite his quick knockout loss to HOUSTON ALEXANDER, JARDINE is a very tough customer.  LIDDELL also has to redeem himself following his quick knockout loss to QUINTON JACKSON.  The winner will move up near the top of the division whereas the loser will drop to the middle of the pack.  The fight will probably go around in circles as JARDINE will try to wear down LIDDELL with his debilitating leg kicks.  This will create openings for LIDDELL as he will try to lay heavy shots to JARDINE’s dome as he takes the leg kicks.  JARDINE will be on one leg as he throws the leg kicks which means he will be open and vulnerable to LIDDELL’s hard shots.  This fight may not last long and note that since LIDDELL is no longer the champ, it will only be a 3 round fight.


PREDICTION:  RUA.  This fight may be closer than most think.  RUA has not fought inside the cage for almost 5 years.  RUA’s talents cannot be denied – he’s the full package and few can match his aggression in a fight.  Having said that, GRIFFIN is no pushover.  Despite being knocked out by KEITH JARDINE, GRIFFIN will be more comfortable inside the cage.  Since RUA is coming over from PRIDE FC, he will lose his ability to use his amazing stomps and soccer kicks to his opponent’s heads while they are on the ground – these are illegal strikes under UFC rules.  The UFC also allows for elbow strikes which were not allowed in PRIDE.  RUA will also have to adjust to a cage as opposed to the boxing ring used in PRIDE.   RUA is far too talented to lose to GRIFFIN, it just may take a bit longer than many anticipate.  RUA has to make sure his debut follows in the footsteps of QUINTON JACKSON and not MIRKO CRO COP.  Should be far more exciting than many believe.

— JON FITCH (19-2-1) vs. DIEGO SANCHEZ (19-1)

PREDICTION:  SANCHEZ.  Both fighters will have to put on a strong performance but for very different reasons.  Eventhough he has a 13 fight win streak on the line, FITCH is relatively unknown to the mainstream UFC fans and he will make a splash at UFC 76.  SANCHEZ needs this win following his last fight – a tactical and boring loss – to JOSH KOSCHECK.  SANCHEZ has faced a stiffer level of competition but FITCH is a complete package and could certainly take this fight.  SANCHEZ may fall to the middle of the crowded welterweight division with a loss.  SANCHEZ has a lot to prove as he tries to bounce back from his first loss.  FITCH will put on a nice show against one of the most talented in the division and will certainly do enough to put his name into the mix of things.  This may wind up as fight of the night.


PREDICTION:  NAKAMURA.  MACHIDA has wins over RICH FRANKLIN, BJ PENN and STEPHAN BONNAR but not inside a cage.  NAKAMURA’s losses have come to some the best in all of mixed martial arts, not to mention that many of those opponents were in a different weight class.  MACHIDA has an ugly style and has a karate background but he is quite effective.  NAKAMURA’s will have to fight with no gi and a different environment inside a cage since he’s also used to the PRIDE boxing ring.  This fight may not be too pretty and may end up going to a decision.  Both are trying to prove to be top contenders in the division with a decisive win.


PREDICTION:  TAVARES.  Both have a complete game – strong in standup and on the ground.  Undefeated TAVARES needs to make a name for himself with this fight.  GRIFFIN has soundly improved since practicing with RANDY COUTURE’s team.  GRIFFIN’s last win was a close call vs. CLAY GUIDA in Ireland and he will need to put on a good show in order to move up a notch.  Another close call will not elevate his standing within the division.  This will, by far, be TAVARES’ toughest opponent to date.  Could be quite action packed.

posted September 19, 2007 




September 19, 2007 – The Pearl, Nevada 

—  KENNY FLORIAN (9-3) vs. DIN THOMAS (23-7)  —  

PREDICTION:  THOMAS.  This fight is a coin toss but we pick Thomas to pull out a win, eventhough Florian looks fantastic at the lightweight division.  Thomas has been around a bit longer and has had some bigger wins than Florian at this point in their careers.  Having said that, both fighters have fought most of their careers at the welterweight division.  At welterweight, Thomas looked very good against high quality opponents and has wins over CLAY GUIDA and current welterweight Champ MATT SERRA.  He also was giving a good fight to BJ PENN at UFC 32 before PENN put him out with a beautfiul knee to the head.  Conversely, FLORIAN did not look good when he was fighting at welterweight.  After the UFC reinstated the lightweight division, FLORIAN has flourished and now looks to be a serious contender for the belt.  This should be a very tactical fight as FLORIAN will probably try to keep the fight on the ground where his jiu jitsu game has dramatically improved.  Should be a doozy …

—  CHRIS LEBEN (16-4) vs. TERRY MARTIN (18-2) 

PREDICTION:  MARTIN.  Don’t get us wrong, Chris Leben is tough … and his toughness will keep him in the fight for a while.  Martin also is very tough but we think his punching power should win him the fight.  This should remain a standup fight as both fighters have similar methods:  Punch away and make sure your chin doesn’t get knocked off.  Both have tasted KO power knees:  (1)Leben has tasted ANDERSON SILVA’s and (2)MARIN chewed on JAMES IRVIN’s knee as both fighters were KO’ed in this fashion.  An ironic end to the fight would be for one to get KO’ed by knee strike to the head.  This one will either end very early or will end with both fighters fully exhausted, going the distance.  Each will probably be gassed by the 2nd round – if it makes it that far. 

 other fights:


posted September 9, 2007




Saturday, September 8, 2007 – o2 Arena in London, England


-UFC Light Heavyweight Championship-

PREDICTION:  DAN HENDERSON.  This fight is a toss up but we are picking Henderson for one reason – his relentless non-stop attack.  Rarely does Henderson ever walk backwards.  His constant forward attack will keep Jackson on the defense.  Chuck Liddell also has tremendous KO power but he retreats throughout his fights until he finds an opening – a mistake against a fighter such as Jackson.  In Liddell’s fight with Jackson, his back pedaling eventually led to a powerful Jackson right hand which abruptly ended the fight.  Henderson will keep coming forward, regardless of his opponent’s style.  This suffocating attack may eventually wear down Jackson in the later rounds.  One big positive for Jackson that may help him win this fight, is the two fights he has recently had in the UFC cage.  Much of Henderson’s success has been in the PRIDE FC’s boxing-style ring.  Many PRIDE fighters have had initial problems adjusting to the octagon cage.  HENDERSON has not had a fight inside the cage since 1998 when he won UCF 17.  If Henderson’s cage rust shows, then Jackson may end it early.  It should be an action packed fight, loaded with power-punches, kicks and knees.  Please note:  ONLY go to the bathroom in between rounds!



—  MIRKO CRO COP (22-5-2)  vs. CHIECK KONGO (10-3-1)

PREDICTION:  MIRKO CRO COP.  This is a MUST win for Mirko for only one reason – if he loses, he undeservedly falls to the middle of the pack.  After experiencing one of the most devastating knock outs in UFC history via a Gabriel Gonzaga head kick, another loss will certainly take him out of contention for the heavyweight belt.  Both Kongo and Cro Cop are at their best when throwing punches and kicks from the stand up position which will make for a very intersting match up.  Kongo has a weak ground game but he won’t have to worry about that vs. Cro Cop.  This is a big risk fight for Cro Cop but we believe to BE the best, you have to BEAT the best.  Both have great KO power so turn off your cell phone during the fight!




PREDICTION:  MICHAEL BISPING.  Bisping has a very strong “home field advantage” since the fight is being held in England, Bisping’s homeland.  The one fighter which may not be affected by the crowd is Hamill.  Hamill is deaf and his disability will ironically be an advantage in this fight, as the crowd will be heavily in favor of Bisping.  If Hamill’s stand up game has drastically improved, this fight could become a long, drawn out war.  While considering Hamill’s terrific wrestling skills, Bisping should still be able to pull out a win with his strong standup coupled with his underappreciated ground game.  For both, this will be their toughest opponent to date.  The fight needs to stay on the feet for Bisping to pull out the win.

posted September 1, 2007


8 Responses to “Predictions & Analysis”

  1. AlexK said

    “The one fighter which may not be affected by the crowd is Hamill. Hamill is deaf and his disability will ironically be an advantage in this fight, as the crowd will be heavily in favor of Bisping. ”

    Priceless! 🙂

  2. Jayme said

    If you remember back at UFC 70 Bisping almost got caught by Sinosic because he got WAY to excited. For some reason a lot of people think that Bisping has a good ground game but he doesn’t!!! If Hamill can take Bisping to the ground it is over… depends where this fight goes… It could go either way- Hamill is an exceptional wrestler, with decent stand up. Bisping is a good standup fighter with a decent ground game. I say Hamill gets a nice takedown on Bisping, and either gets the stoppage or wins a unanimous decision due to just laying on Bisping the whole time. Wrestlers tend to do that a lot- (Tim Sylvia vs Randy Couture- tho Sylvia is terrible all around, he’s just monsterous).

    Nomatter who wins, this is gunna be a great fight- and its a great Card.

    I say Rampage takes the fight due to Hendo not being very comfortable in the cage. VERY CLOSE FIGHT! I say Kongo wins because of the size difference and hes also a great muay thai fighter… basically Kickboxing (Crocop) vs. Muay Thai (Kongo)

  3. mike said

    i think the hendo fight is going to go the full 25 with ranpage becoming the undisputed champ. while the mat vs Mike fight i could really care less about, neither one is top flight material and either one has too many holes in thier game for this fight to lead anywhere…..but who cares its free!!!!

  4. Mikey said

    i like that answer.. Kongo because of the size different. NOT!… SIZE difference means NOTHING for crocop! 260+lbs fighers are at his mercy.. Actually, what? Sapp weighing in at 350! had NO chance! Smarten up there Jayme! and watch Kongo Fall!

    Jackson — in second… close fight though… wouldnt bet on it.
    Bisbing — decision
    Cro-cop — decision — an easy one.

  5. Jeremy Jackson said

    Matt Hamill is gonna beat Bisping to deaf.. haha

  6. Johnny Cire said

    Sorry to disappoint you all, but Kongo will win this fight. I know him personally and I attended training camp with him in Big Bear and let me tell you he’s a monster. More focused, much stronger and a better striker than Cro Cop. Cro Cop’s head is not in the game and he can’t figure out Kongo as a fighter. Most fighters that go up against Cro Cop are already scared due to hype. Cro Cop can’t out muscle him, and in my opinion can’t punch like Kongo. Kongo’s punches are delivered like sweet Vanilla with a hard liquor effect, once they land.

    Simple fact is Kongo is a 6′ 5″, 700lb bench pressing, one knee lunge French monster with a name to make, and it’s his time to shine. I say the fight goes all 3 rounds and Kongo wins by decision, only after destroying Cro Cop with a flurry of steel fisted punches and elbows.

    Claim your throne Kongo..!!

  7. Jay Boogy said

    Rampage is gonna win just for the Highlight of him vs Carlos Arona. His power bomb countered triangle is one of the greatest highlights i have ever seen. Anyone with that kinda power CAN NOT be stopped.

  8. test said

    Good write ups.

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