C-A-S-H.  Period.  FEDOR EMELIANENKO, inarguably the best mixed martial arts fighter in the world at any weight class, has been the sport’s highest paid fighter for years.  Since the UFC’s purchase of PRIDE FC, top PRIDE fighters have been hand picked and brought into the UFC to fight in the octagon cage.  Most UFC fighters don’t have much say in their pay and are, justly, happy to be there for the opportunity of a lifetime.  FEDOR is not just happy to be there.  He has proven to be the most feared and proven fighter in the sport.  His only fight in the U.S – PRIDE FC:  Shockwave – led to a  $2,000,000 payout , which poses a financial dilemma for the UFC.  How can the UFC pay FEDOR huge sums of money while present Champions, such as superstar ANDERSON SILVA, are being paid $45,000 for defending their title?  If FEDOR commands $2million per fight, what will happen the next time SILVA fights … what will he want to be paid?  In a sport where you can fall from grace with one kick to the head, established fighters may start asking for a big pay raise.  FEDOR needs the UFC as much as the UFC needs FEDOR.  Can you imagine the top mixed martial arts organization in the world without the ability to showcase the top fighter in the sport?  Both sides have to make this happen – both for their respective sides and more imporantly for the fans.  It would have been a shame to go through the 1970’s and to never have watched Muhammad Ali do what he did in the sport of boxing.  The best way to describe FEDOR would be to think of MIKE TYSON in his heydays … turbo charged!  The day FEDOR enters the octagon will be a wonderful treat for all mixed martial arts fans.  Just find a weakness in his game … we double dare you!

This is not a picture of UFC President Dana White on his back:



Following his bout with David Heath at UFC 74: Respect, “Babalu” Sobral showed Heath anything but respect!  In fact, Sobral’s neglect in keeping an anaconda choke on Heath for an extra 3 to 4 seconds after referee Steve Mazzagatti tried to stop the fight, has forced UFC president Dana White to terminate Sobral’s contract with the UFC.  According to ufcjunkie.com, Sobral admitted to his shameful action in the ring during a post-fight interview – he wanted to teach Heath “a lesson” for disrespecting him during the previous day’s fight weigh-ins.

Sobral is an extremely intense fighter in the ring.  His intensity level was apparent after he was knocked out by Chuck Liddell in their uneventful bout last year.  Sobral woke up with referee John McCarthy on top of him, calling an end to the fight.  He then immediately tried to put McCarthy into a leg lock, not realizing the fight was over and that he was trying to submit the referee, not Liddell.


His intensity is in no way a defense for his actions against Heath, especially since his adherence to the choke hold was self-admitted.  The UFC has justly taken swift action but there is a feeling that we will once again see Sobral in the octagon.  Past UFC fighters have left, vowing to never return to the UFC.  Think:  BJ Penn and Tito Ortiz, two of the most popular fighters in the organization.  When asked if he thinks Sobral is gone for good, UFC President Dana White responded with, “I never say never”.  If Sobral never returns, there’s always Elite XC – licking their chops as we speak.

MIRKO CRO COP training

August 29, 2007

Here’s some dated footage of Mirko’s training regimen.  He will beef up the sessions as his fight with CHEICK KONGO on September 8, 2007 arrives.  His past opponents are some of the best in mixed martial arts world but his fight against KONGO is undoubtedly one the most important in his career.

don’t ever get kicked by Mirko:

Las Vegas, August 25, 2007 – Following his thorough domination of JOSH KOSCHECK (9-2-0) at Saturday night’s UFC 74: RESPECT event, GEORGES ST. PIERRE (14-2-0) once again showed the world why he is the most dominating welterweight in the UFC.  Following his embarrassing loss to MATT SERRA in his first title defense of the welterweight belt, his doubters immediately came out of their caves.  His heart, mind, drive and chin were quickly questioned as his first title defense turned out as ugly as a picture of Britney Spears exiting a limousine.  ST. PIERRE immediately dropped his trainers and went to Alberquerque, New Mexico to train with GREG JACKSON – well known for developing raw talent such as RASHAD EVANS, DIEGO SANCHEZ, NATE MARQUARDT, JOEY VILLASENOR and others.  ST. PIERRE’S arrival at the JACKSON camp led to DIEGO SANCHEZ’s immediate departure, sighting ST. PIERRE’s arrival as his reason.  SANCHEZ’s departure creates a dramatic scenario if the two meet up in the future – a potential match for the welterweight championship if SANCHEZ recovers from his previous fight, a loss to nemesis JOSH KOSCHECK.  ST. PIERRE’S immediate return to superstardom in the UFC has set up some potentially phenomenal match ups in the welterweight division.  Former longtime champ MATT HUGHES, the perpertual underdog MATT SERRA, the suffocating KARO PARYSIAN, time bomb DIEGO SANCHEZ and now ST. PIERRE have created a welterweight division that is exploding with talent and amazing future brawls.  Sprinkle in a slew of young, hungry talent and a bunch of PRIDE FC’s best and you have the makings of a UFC battle royalle…with cheese!  Buy a truckload of popcorn and start saving now for the next 20 UFC pay per view events!  Stay tuned…

ST. PIERRE speaks to fans at a UFC 74 afterparty: